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German porn is one of the most popular genres in the adult industry. There are plenty of tube sites that feature German pornstars and their latest scenes.


German porn is a hot commodity on the web. According to a year in review of porn sites published by global hosting giants, Germany ranks among the most popular countries for viewing porn content.

Tube Sites

There is plenty of fetish content produced in Germany including bukkake, gang bangs and dirty MILFs with huge tits. They also have a huge amateur porn scene which is often seen on tube sites. German porn sites offer a wide range of content.

German Pornstars

Whether they are big booty blonde bombshells or busty natural babes with some of the best tits, these women will have you fucked to your knees and in awe!

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Favorite Sex Positions
in Germany

Germans are passionate about sex and masturbate at least twice a week in front of a sex cam. Seventy-one percent of Germans receive oral sex, while 33 percent enjoy erotic lingerie and massage in bed.

Sex Pleasure 2

Sex Pleasure

Sexual Experiences

They are satisfied

Despite the fact that sex can be a challenge, a third of German men and 26 percent of women say they are satisfied with their sexual experiences.

69 Standing Up

german number 1 sex position

When asked about new sex experiences they wanted to try, respondents most often said they were curious about tabletop, 69 standing up, kneeling wheelbarrow and reverse cowgirl.

standing 69 bedroom

standing 69

Doggy style

The most popular sex positions in Germany include doggy style, missionary and 69 standing up, according to Google search data.

Doggy style is one of the most searched for sex positions in the world, gaining over 820,000 searches each month.

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